Aji Dam Rajkot

Aji Dam Garden Rajkot

The Aji Dam Garden, measures 39000sq.mts, is located at Aji village, Rajkot, in Gujarat state. The Aji Dam Garden is situated, on the outskirts at around 8 km from the centre of city on the South East side just on the bank of Aji dam reservoir, which gives the visitors an opportunity to move around in serene calm.  The dam was built by the government of Gujarat to supply water to the city of Rajkot.


Aji Dam Garden Rajkot
=> Beauty
                            The garden comprises an amusement park, food courts and childrens park in its premises. It also has bird aviary, zoo and crocodile park. The trees present in the surroundings of this garden bloom at their best during the winter season. It also stands ideal for activities like evening walks and picnics. The lakes attract winter birds and the birds get stay here in the trees of the gardens.

=> Open & Closing Timing   :   All Time Open

=> Address                              :   Aji Dam  , Rajkot ,Gujrat