Salangpur Hanuman temple,

Hanuman Temple

                      There is a beautiful and miraculous temple of Kshatbhangan in the middle of a building made of a huge and grand fort. One of the grand temples of Kesarinandan is the Kasthanjan Hanuman Temple. It is the divine darshan of Kasturbhan Hanuman, about 175 kilometers away from Ahmedabad to Bhavnagar in Gujarat.

 Salangpur Hanuman temple,
Hanuman sits on a beautiful throne made of 45 kg of gold and 95 kg of silver between the huge and magnificent pavilions of this beautiful temple decorated like the Raj Darbar. On their sheath, diamonds are a crown of jewels and a gold mud is placed nearby. .

 feature of this dham

This dharma of Bajrang Bali provides a special place other than his other temples. Statue of Saturn sitting in his feet. Because here Saturn ispresent in the form of a woman in the feet of Bajrang Bali. Only then those devotees who are troubled by Saturn incidents come here and get coconut and get rid of all worries. Sampraday. The image of Hanuman was installed by Sadguru Gopalanand Swami on Ashwini vadi pancham - savant 1905 (as per Hindu calandar).There can be a long wait at the temple gate sometimes, mainly on Saturdays.The temple is really big and spacious, and the statue of Lord Hanuman is really impressive.

                                  served free to all visitors at the temple’s dining room. This dining room is run by the temple’s trust as well as the Swaminarayana temple located in the same complex. Around 5,000 people take prasad in the form of lunch daily.This figure will be at least double on Saturdays.
                                 There is a dharmshala located near the gate of the temple, where the people can stay overnight if they wish. The temple hours are 6 am to 12 noon, 3 pm to 9 pm every day. Buses are available from all the main cities of Gujarat.

Address           :   Tal-:Barwala, District Botad, Sarangpur, Gujarat 382450
Phone             :    02711 241 202